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Improventions specializes in supporting small, tiny and even conception phase companies in getting good software out to the hands of the customers. Flexible deals fit any client — as long as you have a decent idea!


Running startups is tough. Sometimes you lose a co-founder. Sometimes things get hot in the early days, sometimes your approach just doesn't work without extra brains. You give me your idea, I will give you the budget and lead through all of the development efforts.

IP generation

Having the experience of developing over two dozen patents and invention disclosures in Japan, Sweden, Singapore, and U.S., Improventions can facilitate your process of generating a defensible IP strategy to protect the bright future of your business. For many startups, this is a must.


Improventions specializes in making the most out of a limited startup budget for what it comes to building Minimally Viable Products. Yet, development has to be started on the right track to avoid future bottlenecks. The trickier the software, the more valuable Improventions is.

CTO mentoring

Startup CTOs duties see no end: planning, design, coding, testing, team management, investor meetings... this requires a lot from a person. Improventions can support you to identify and tackle many risks before they actualize and grow your technical leadership along the way.

Freelancer coaching

Imagining to be a free and independent happy freelancer able to live anywhere? Improventions went straight to the top in less than a year, now mainly worrying about how to decline all new customer requests (and where to dump coconut shells). Want to know my not-so-secret recipe?

Due diligence & audit

Software startups often get questions from investors about their technology. Young companies may get surprised when others take a look under the hood. Let Improventions do internal inspections in an objective and constructive way before you go impress investors.

Technical consultation

Sometimes it is worth paying a guy who has walked down your road before, to avoid pitfalls. The roads Improventions has walked through (without much falling) are paved with all sorts of Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality technologies and all sorts of fun high-end gadgets.

Scientific consultation

Doing your PhD? Getting strange conflicting advice from reviewers, professors, and other pure academics? With the experience of finishing one of the world's toughest degrees in 3 years, Improventions offers advise and pragmatism for getting your thesis finished (by yourself).


Mikko J. Rissanen, Ph.D., a.k.a. Dr. Mike

"Time is infinite — results are finite"

  • Founder
  • Chief improvention officer
  • Freelancer
  • Consulting professor
  • One-man software booster
  • Startup guy
  • "Time is infinite — results are finite"
Improventions | the short story

Since 2009 my dream has been to live in sunny Penang, Malaysia, write good code on a beach, and run a company that produces great results without the overwhelming overhead that so many bigger companies suffer from. In May 2014 I realized this dream. Today, Improventions is of size 175 — cm! And likely to stay at this overheadless size. ;-)

Good improventions start from genuine fun! Even if the outlook is not all serious, the results are usually award-winning.

The services Improventions provides and the products it makes are built on the wide experience of software product development, inventions and innovations, solid scientific basis, and leadership experience. Application domains I have delivered award-winning results cover software business, industrial automation, power utilities, medicine, training & education, eldercare, accounting, construction, wellness, and entertainment.

Improventions acts as a founder node of a trusted network consisting of great freelance software developers, designers, and testers as well as leading scientists and consultants, which enables project teams to be formed based on the competence needed to solve a practical problem within the vast field of information technology... with ludicrous speed!

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